"Skating is the wind beneath my wings"

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Johnny Weir

Single Skating

Single Skating is a great way to advance your skating skills and getting to experience competitions. You can meet new people, build character, and promote self esteem.

      1. Short Program
      • Consists of seven elements
      • Shorter of the two programs
      • Compulsory figures and free skating only
    1. Long Program
      • Sometimes referred to as the free skate
      • Must be a well-balanced program
      • Demonstrates the mastery of skating technique for that particular skater

    Pairs Skating Pairs Skating

    Pairs Skating is a challenging, but incredible sport.

    • Consists of one lady and one man
    • Goal is to give the impression of two skating as one
    • Elements

      1. Throw jump
      2. Pair spin
      3. Death Spiral
      4. Lift
      5. Twist lift
      6. Side-by-side

Ice Dance Ice Dancers

Dance Skating is a great way to express yourself and show your acting abilities as well as ones skating ability.

  • Ballroom dancing on ice
  • Free dance
  • More difficult than the others
Synchronized Skating

In Synchronized Skating, or for short "Synchro," you get to meet a lot of new people. You learn to work with other people and get to express your skating skills within the group.

  • Consists of 8-20 skaters
  • It is most important to maintain precise formations and timing of the group.
  • While most skaters participating in "synchro" are female, the rules allow mixed-gender teams

Synchronized Skaters

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