Little At age 5, I began fencing. I absolutely love this sport. I have been involved in many compeitions over the years and many dinners celebrating the year of fencing. I found out about fencing from my Dad. He was introduced to the sport when he was in high school. In college, he furthered his career as a fencer. He got me involved when i was very young and I am so thankful for it!
First, the FOIL. This is the weapon most people start off with. The "target" zone is just the upper torso. Legs, arms, and mask are "off-target." The key to this weapon is to keep it small. It uses the right-of-way method to score. Foil
Epee The next weapon is the epee. This weapon is very different because the whole body is "on-target." With this weapon there are no rules regarding priority and right-of-way.
The next weapon is the sabre. The "on-target" zone is the whole upper body from the waste up. Including the mask. This weapon does use the right-of-way method. One is able to score points using the side of the blade, unlike foil and epee fencing. Sabre
Modified Academy of Fencing


All my life I have been a member of the Modified Aceademy of Fencing (MAF). I love the club. They see fencing as a fun sport and do everything out of love.


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