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The Zerg are a race that has plagued the galaxies for some time. The Zerg take species of creatures, and infest them, turning them into strong fighting strains of Zerg warriors. Originally a hierarchy that was controlled by the brain-liked entitiy called the Overmind, control has shifted to the once human Sarah Kerrigan, now the Queen of Blades. Over the time between games, the Zerg have remained silent, but not inactive. In this time, they have evolved to a more advanced state that now returns to plague the stars once more.

Drone- The worker of the Zerg swarms and armed with a weak needle spine attack, the Drone is also used to construct Zerg buildings, as it morphs itself into the structure, thus sacrificing the Drone.  Buildings must be built upon the Creep, which is a purple-like substance which somewhat marks the Zerg’s base, and increases the speed of all ground-based Zerg units.

Overlord & Overseer- The controllers of the Zerg swarms, beneath the cerebrates, the Overlords keep the swarm under control and keep them from running amuck, and can also be used as transports.  However, the Overlord can upgrade into an Overseer for additional abilities.  However, uncertainty of these abilities, or the complete difference between the two forms, keeps this report incomplete.

Queen- A powerful base defender, the Queen has been upgraded significantly since the original game.  Now possessing a powerful claw attack, the Queen is certainly a dangerous unit to fear, especially with her new form and abilities.

Zergling- The most basic of the Zerg fighting strains, the Zergling is a small unit that is hatched with two in each egg, and charges forward and attacks with its claws.  The Zergling can also morph into the suicidal, but deadly Baneling.

Baneling- A morphed version of the Zergling, the Baneling is a small creature that rolls to move around, due to the large amount of volatile chemicals it stores within itself.  Powerful, the Baneling causes a reaction within itself to blow itself up, making it an effective way to ambush others (especially when burrowed), or break through an enemy line.

Roach- A unique unit, the Roach is a creature that can attack, but can primarily be used as a shield.  The Roach has a high regeneration rate, allowing it to quickly heal whatever damage it takes in a shorter time that all other Zerg creatures.  The Roach can even burrow mid-battle, and resurface to strike again when it’s back to full strength.

Hydralisk- A medium-assault breed, the Hydralisk is an effective anti-air unit, firing needle spines from a distance.  It is certainly one of the most famously used Zerg units in the original game.

Ultralisk- A heavy-assault creature, the Ultralisk is a massive creature that attacks with massive blades.  Known for their high vitality and deadly attack strength, the Ultralisk’s threat has been increased in the sequel, as it can now burrow and ambush as it sees fit.

Infestor- A special unit, the Infestor is able to burrow and move underground, infiltrating enemy bases.  Infestors can then infest enemy buildings for a time, spawning infested units to fight for the Zerg player.

Mutalisk- The basic attack flyer for the Zerg, the Mutalisk is fast, agile, and deadly.  When grouped together, the effect can be severe, and the swiftness of these creatures allow them to strike anywhere, and move away fast if they are attacked.

Corruptor- The main anti-air unit for the Zerg, the Corruptor, instead of destroying its airborne target, infests it instead, making it a living turret for the Zerg player.  In the middle of a battle, the player opposing the Zerg must choose to either target the Corruptors, or the units that have already been corrupted.