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The Terrans, also known as the human race, are currently in a state of disarray. Struggles for power and independence along with fighting against the tyranny of the current Terran Dominion has worn down the Terran powers. Jim Raynor returns as the main hero of the Terran campaign and is the leader of a group called Raynor's Raiders, which opposes the Dominion and its corrupt leader, Arcturus Mengsk. The Terran part of the game is called, "Wings of Liberty." Many have called the Terrans a race that only cares about guns, more guns, and bigger guns. In a sense, they're right, as seen below.

SCV- The workhorse of the Terran fleets, the SCV gathers minerals, gas, builds and repairs buildings, and repairs mechanical units.  SCVs have a weak drill attack for self defense, and can also be transported by a flying Command Center, in order to redeploy and build quickly.

Marine- The simplest infantry unit, the Marine is a general-purpose unit armed with a gauss rifle.  Marines can also be equipped with a couple of upgrades, being the U-238 shells, which increase range, the combat shield, which increases vitality, and the stim pack, which takes away health, but allows the Marine to fire rapidly and move swiftly for a short period of time.

Reaper- A new infantry unit, the Reaper is armed with two gauss pistols, and D-8 charges for buildings or larger groups of enemies.  The Reaper is a swift unit that can traverse cliffs and other terrain with the use of its jump pack, making it an effective ambusher, and base raider.

Marauder- A heavy-assault infantry unit, the Marauder launches concussion rockets to deal with its enemy.  The rocket also slightly reduces the speed of the unit being hit by it.

Ghost- A special-ops unit, the Ghost is a psionically gifted human, and is armed with a canister sniper rifle.  Mainly a stealth and support unit, the Ghost has multiple abilities, including a personal cloaking field, sniper ability, and the ability to call down nuclear strikes.

Hellion- A mobile and fast unit, the Hellion is essentially a rover with a flamethrower on top.  Good for attacking smaller units, the Hellions effectiveness can be utilized by the angling of the unit itself.

Siege Tank- One of the more well-known units, the Siege Tank is back as a main defensive and siege unit.  Remodeled and improved, the Siege Tank’s main turret can transform into an artillery-like barrel, firing from long range and bombarding targets with extreme damage.

Thor- A new unit, the Thor is a massive walker that can be used for multiple purposes.  Besides its normal armament of two particle accelerators, the Thor has 250 mm bombardment cannons on his back to fire a storm of shells upon far away targets.  Also, the Thor has several missile launchers to deal with airborne threats.

Viking- The Viking is certainly one of the more unique units in the Terran arsenal.  It is a multi-purpose unit that has the ability to switch between its aerial mode, to a walker mode.  Mainly used for anti-air, the Viking launches torpedoes that when massed, can easily take down airborne enemies.  In its walker mode, the Viking can support other friendly forces with its twin gatling guns.

Nighthawk- The Nighthawk, the replacement for the older Science Vessel, is the Terran’s main aerial spellcaster.  A detector as well, the Nighthawk possesses several useful abilities.  The first is a construction ability that allows it to build an auto-turret on the spot.  Another ability it has is the lethal hunter-seeker mine, which is a slow moving mine that explodes on impact and gives out splash damage as well.

Banshee- The answer to the Terran’s previous air-to-ground dilemma, the Banshee is a gunship that attacks its target with a barrage of backlash cluster rockets.  Units that are bunched together are extremely vulnerable to the area effect of these rockets.  The Banshee also has a personal cloaking field, allowing it to stalk enemies on the field or scout around.

Battlecruiser- The Terran’s most destructive unit, the Battlecruiser is back as the Terrans “Queen of the Skies” so to speak.  Stronger and revamped, this flying killer can hold several abilities, depending on what the player chooses upon construction.  The Battlecruiser comes with a personal shield ability (somewhat like the previous defense matrix), and either the Yamato Gun, or the Anti-Air Missile Barrage.  The Yamato Gun focuses its energy on one target, causing excessive damage to that target.  The Anti-Air Missile Barrage is exactly how it sounds, unleashing a large amount of missiles on airborne targets.  The decision rests in the players’ needs and objectives.