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The Protoss are an advanced race that rely on a combination of physical and technological strength. Recently, after the events of Brood War, the Protoss have been left on Shakuras, struggling to rebuild their civilization, after their homeworld was lost to the Zerg infestation. Though the Protoss are now unified, and no longer the Khala and Dark Templar sects, the two sides are still on tense terms with each other, as the past remains a bloody memory. Now the Protoss must put these feelings aside, to once again become the most powerful race in the galaxy.

Probe- A basic robotic unit, the Probe is the workhorse of the Protoss.  Just like the SCV or the Drone, the Probe can mine minerals, gather gas, and has a weak attack.  However, the Protoss are able to warp in buildings in pylon power, and leave them to finish.  The Probe doesn’t have to be present, unlike the SCV, or the Drone, which is used to make the building.

Zealot- A ground unit armed with dual psi blades, the Zealot is an effective anti-infantry warrior, and also the most basic combat unit in the Protoss arsenal.  More notably, in Starcraft II, the Zealot can be upgraded to have a “charge” ability, which allows the Zealot to close the distance a lot more quickly with other targets.

Dark Templar- An extremely powerful anti-infantry unit, the Dark Templar were once shunned from the Protoss home world of Aiur.  Now they return, teaming up with their former comrades once again.  The Dark Templar is also a stealth unit, as it is always cloaked, unless picked up by a detector.  Notably, Blizzard Entertainment issued a vote, allowing fans to pick between two different skins for this unit.  The vote ended in the decision being that both skins will be seen, as it is randomly chosen when one is created.

High Templar- A spell caster that is without an attack, the High Templar is still a unit to fear in its own right.  With a number of abilities, such as the deadly Psi Storm, this unit is one to be wary of.

Archon- Created through the combination of two Templar, the Archon is a heavy-assault unit with a psionic shockwave attack.  Their destructiveness is feared, and rightfully so, as this is one of the most powerful units in the game.

Immortal- Seeming to have replaced the older Dragoons, (due to the loss of the shrine that created the Dragoons on Aiur) Immortals play a support-role.  They are armed with twin phase disruptors that can strike both ground and air, and have a hardened shield that activates only when struck by a powerful attack.

Stalker- The Dark Templar version of the Immortal, the Stalker is not as powerful or as strong as its lighter counterpart, but plays both a scouting, and a general harassment role.  This unit comes armed with a “blink” ability, which allows it to instantly teleport to anywhere in its line of sight, allowing it to bypass defenses, or even traverse cliffs.

Colossus- A towering robotic unit, the Colossus is a support-role unit, wielding two thermal lances.  This unit has undergone a lot of development, and it is unsure how its attack pattern will turn out.  The only disadvantage of this unit is that, due to its height, is that it can be attacked by both dedicated anti-ground and dedicated anti-air units.

Phase Prism- The main Protoss transport, the Phase Prism is a multi-purpose ship.  Besides being the main shuttle for Protoss ground forces, this unit can set up to become a floating pylon, giving power to buildings that need it.  In coordination with the new ability warp-in, which allows Protoss ground troops to be warped in wherever there’s pylon power, this unit can set up in enemy territory, and be the starting point for a Protoss incursion.

Observer- A simple unit, the Observer is a cloaked, flying unit that is used for recon and detection.  Though weak in strength and unarmed, it is one of the stealthiest units in the game.

Phoenix- The new Protoss superiority fighter, this ship is armed with twin ion cannons.  Replacing the scout and corsair as the dominant Protoss fighter, this unit has a special ability called overload, which allows the unit to fire rapidly at all nearby targets.  However, the Phoenix is unable to move or fight back for a small period of time after the overload.  It is recommended to use this ability only when there are no enemy reinforcements nearby.

Void Ray- A new Protoss air unit, the Void Ray is armed with a prismatic beam that increases in strength the longer it fires at a target.  This unit is perfect for taking on heavy units, such as Terran Battlecruisers, and is also quite effective at eliminating enemy structures.  However, since this unit focuses most of its energy at a single target, one at a time, it is quite vulnerable to being swarmed by multiple units.

Carrier- A favorite of the original game, the Carrier is back in Starcraft II as the Protoss’s main capital ship.  A heavily armored unit, the Carrier itself doesn’t attack, but launches swarms of Interceptors from its fighter bays.  Multiple Carriers can unleash a storm of these Interceptors, which can easily overwhelm an opposing force.

Mothership- The ultimate Protoss capital ship, the Mothership is a strong unit armed with a disruptor pulse.  However, what make the Mothership unique are its multiple abilities.  As the game progressed in development, the Mothership’s abilities went through several changes, so until its abilities are confirmed, they will remain unknown.