This part of the website is dedicated to one of the most important uses for the sword, but it is also something few people know about. That is the extension you get with a sword by your side. Many know that the sword is a utensil used solely for combat, but little know of the reach that it allows you to explore with. Although the cliche image of a sword is a fierce, long strip of silver/metal used to puncture human skin and is often covered in blood, however why don't you think of it as something along the lines of a mechanical arm with no fingers. This is a vital occupation of the sword because unlike fingers, the sword is able to piearce the object you are reaching for, giving you a definite grip on the object making sure you won't drop it.   nifty  
A sword is just as, if not even more effective than the trade marked "Nifty Nabber". The flaw with the "Nifty Nabber" is that it can't get that full grip that a sword can. The sword however can pierce and hold on to the object in your reach.