Here are photos and descriptions of famous people who wielded a sword.     famous  
Here we see the masculine species called Heman. Heman is a comic book hero based off of the actor Kenny Rogers. Introduced to this world by Mattel, they sought someone with utmost respect, power, and diligence and they found it when they invested into the body of Kenny Rogers. The sword He-Man wields is called the "Power Sword" and it gives him the transformation into the all-powerful He-Man.
Aladdin is everyone's favorite street rat. His weapon of choice is the very fine scimitar. This scimitar is what he uses to defeat Jafar when he is embodied as a serpent. This sword is used to its utmost power and will forever be worshipped.
    Link from the "Legend of Zelda" saga is known for his sword, the Master Blade. This blade has the ability to repel evil and dark magic. This sword is what Link uses to defeat Ganon in Hyrule. Truly awesomeness glows from this weapon.        
Aragorn is known for this sword of hero, Isildur. The sword of Isildur is famous for destroying Sauron, the Lord of evil as told in Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings". This sword's special ability is to summon the dead king and his army.