Zodiac is a music producing company that guides musicians to success. Full teams of skilled and educated producers work together to produce music, organize production budget and resources, and supervise recording. Our top notch sound engineers work with the technical aspects to mix and master music for other artists to create what there looking for. Zodiac has an enthusiastic team who loves music and is willing to work with artists to promote, create, and make music.    
Sound Engineer:
Leading Producer:
A sound engineer is a part if audio science dealing with the recording and production of sound with electronic and mechanical devices. They use there creative skills to mix sound the producers want. Our sound engineers do just this, they take use there skills to produce music as a part of a team.  
The leading music producer organizes teams to help artists schedule shows and produce albums. They choose people to create the visual part of albums. They keep an eye on the overall aspects of recording. Rob Hartley, the leading producer here at Zodiac, leads our company to success.