Christian musicians can be found in just about every genre of music. Rascal Flatts is a somewhat new band to country music whose members are Christians.  The band is made up of Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay Demarcus.  Gary is the lead singer who first tried to play in a Christian band but found that that did not work and went to follow his cousin Jay to Nashville to pursue more music.  Jay is the bass player in Rascal Flatts.  He is also Gary’s cousin who went to Nashville in 1992 to find a career in music. Joe Don is the lead guitar player and after the three of them met they realized that they worked very well together and should form a band of their own.  In 1999 the trio formed the Country group of Rascal Flatts in Nashville, Tennessee.  Throughout the years they have become very popular across the country with 10 #1 singles and many, many more awards.


“We've been living with that song (Feels Like Today) for over two years. It's got a different feel and a different message, a way of presenting today as the day to get over that struggle in your life. It's a positive spiritual song, and being passionate about music and spirituality, we always tend to gravitate toward songs like that. It's one of those that hit us right between the eyes.”

-Rascal Flatts


Gary LeVox

Lead Singer


Joe Don Rooney

Lead Guitar


Jay DeMarcus

Bass Guitar