Rambo: First Blood Part II          
Rambo is imprisoned and insted of serving the 2 years left in his parole, Col. Trautman asks him to return to Vietnam to search for American POWs remaining in Vietnamese captivity. Marshall Murdock, the official in charge of the mission, tells Rambo that he is not able to attack or engage the enemy. Instead, Rambo is ordered to take photographs of a North Vietnamese military base to prove to the American public there are no more POWs in Vietnam, although Murdock knows that there are.
Rambo works with a Vietnamese woman known as Co Bao, who is an anti-communist Vietnamese rebel serving as an intelligence agent for Rambo. She leads Rambo to a camp where American POW's might be held. Rambo finds the camp and he breaks one POW out of the camp and attempts to escape. Rambo makes to the exit marker with the POW, the choper is just about in reach when Murdock calls off the misson and himself and the POW recaptured by the Vietnamese soldiers. Rambo is immobilized in a pit of sewage and leeches, then tortured by Soviet soldiers, who are allied with the Vietnamese and training Vietnamese soldiers. Rambo is beaten and told to contact his base, Rambo would not say anything. They then bring in the POW who was with Rambo when he was capured, and are about to put out his eye when Rambo finally talks. As soon as Rambo is finished calling the base he attacks his oppressors and Co who entered the base under the guise of a prostitute aids Rambo in escaping. Rambo then acts on his own initiative and starts a one-man rescue mission, stealing a Soviet helicopter and breaking all the POWs out of captivity.
After returning to the US base in Thailand with all the POWs, Rambo becomes enraged at how the United States government has ignored the existence of surviving soldiers being held captive. Rambo then threatens Murdock and tells him to be forthright with the American public regarding the truth of the POWs and to spare no expense in rescuing them all, else he will return for Murdock.