First Blood          
John Rambo is a Veitnam War veteran, who cannot find a place back in the states. He is wondering around trying to find the remaning members of his elite group in Nam. He than finds out that Delmore Berry, the only other surviving member of his squad, had passed away because of cancer from Agent Orange. He then travels to Hope in the attempt to find a diner and maybe a temporary job. However, the over-confident town sheriff Will Teasle, does not welcome Rambo, judging the military hero negatively because of his long hair and scruffy look. Rambo disobeys the sheriff's order to stay away from Hope, as he has done nothing wrong to the community and he believes such banishment to be a violation of his freedom of movement, and is promptly charged for vagrancy and subject to harassment from the deputies.
The harassment of the officers triggers flashbacks of Rambo's traumatic memories of his torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese when he was a prisoner of war. Rambo then fights his way out of the sheriff's department with his bare hands, jacks a motorcycle, and heads towards the wilderness. The sheriff and his deputies cannot win against Rambo in the forest, and indeed, all are badly wounded as a result of trying to capture him. Rambo deals with them efficiently and although capable of doing so, he doesn't kill any of them. The next day Colonel Samuel Trautman, the former commanding officer of Rambo's old Special Forces unit, arrives to try to help them bring Rambo in without anymore men hurt. However sheriff Teasle disagrees and sends in more men.