The Xbox 360, So many people love this system.
This system has awesome graphics. People mostly buys this system for all the shooting games. This system has removeable skins, comes with wired, or wireless controllers, It has a removeable hardrive, and can input memory cards. Its controller is heavy, and has an X button to control the power settings. This system has a huge power brick, and needs 2 wires. That seems like a minor flaw. Now, the 360 can allow you to have your own avatar. Plus, the 360 has Netflix capabilites and can connect to your computer and windows media center. Another flaw is that if you want to watch HD DVD you need to buy a $200 external HD DVD Drive.

The Xbox 360 Elite is the same thing as the original, only it's black and comes with a 160GB


AHHH, The best part about the Xbox 360, XBOX LIVE. Xbox Live is a connection provided by Microsoft that connects everyone with an Xbox 360 to the Internet. So, everyone can play together from all other the world. Just Like the Playstation Network and Nintendo Wi-Fi. Some people that bought the Premium Package, would get a headset and a free 1 year membership to Xbox Live with the ethernet cable, If they are near a computer, they can play right away.Others will have to buy a $100 wireless network adapter.
Xbox Live is the most likely reason for people to even play the 360. You can buy a membership for a certain amount of months. And if you have the headset, you can talk and hear people wihle playing. The only thing is that you have to pay for Xbox Live, unlike PS Network and Nintendo Wi-Fi. Xbox Live is probably the best thing about the 360.


With every good thing to a system, there is always a bad thing. The most common disease to an Xbox 360 is the dreaded RED RING OF DEEEEEAAAAATTTTHHHH. The Red Ring of Death is a notificaion to you that something is wrong with your Xbox. It will show up around
the power button. There are ways to get it easily, and there are ways to get it slowly. An easy way to get it is if you're a very sore loser, going crazy right after you lose. If you keep moving around our 360, and kicking it and something happens, there is a good chance you're gonna
get the Red Ring. The worst thing about getting the Red Ring of Death, is that if you ever want to play your Xbox 360 ever again, you will have to ship it in to microsoft and get it fix and returned to you. You have to wait 3 days for Microsoft to ship the box to you. Then after that it varys
to a cetain amount of months fo you to get your system back, But the eaisest way to avoid the Red Ring of Death is to not touch your 360. ALso, don't play too much so it dosen't overheat. If you avoid those things, you shouldn't get the Red Ring of Death, but there are no Guarantees.




Another sweet thing about the Xbox 360 is the fact that you can connect your Xbox 360 to you computer and Windows Media Center. So on your Xbox, you can use whatever you have saved on your computer and watch them on your Xbox, even LIVE TV, but through you computer you can hook up the videos you have in the media center and connect them to the Internet. Also, with your Internet Connection, yo ucan play free demos of new coming out games for the 360, and if you have Microsoft points, you can rent movies and
watch them on your Xbox, or use the Netflix capability. With the connection to the Windows Media Center and the Computer, a whole new chapter the the Xbox 360 opens for you.



The only thing that gives the Xbox 360 a candle to te PS3 is the Netflix access. AAAAAHHHHH, Netflix, an insanely sweet movie service, that comes only from the Xbox 360, I will admit that that is cooler
than some of the things on the PS3. I've never used Netflix, but it is one great service. You can watch movies and TV episodes on the 360. People should have this service. Also, along with already renting
moives on the 360, while you can rent or buy movies with the PS3, through the Playstation Store, This Netflix capability gives the Xbox 360, a close edge, over the Playstation 3. On top of that, You might be able to do this, Try connecting Netflix with your Windows Media Player. Prepaid, mailed to you, no late fees, and return it whenever you want. If you want to get and use this service for yourself, Click on the following link:Netflix