The Playstation 3 is the most amazing game system out there today.
With all the new gaming systems, this one has the most advanced
Technologies ever created. First, of all it looks awesome, the only
downside is that, it has a glossy finish, which means that it's
really easy to get fingerprints on. Second, it dosen't need a disc tray
anymore, just slide it in. Third, it now has a touch interface in the front,
NO MORE BUTTONS. The only button is the power switch
in the back.The Playstation 3 has a built in Blu-Ray Player.
Hello, High-Quality Movies, Plus, now this is the cheapest way
to purchase a Blu-Ray player. The Graphics, are already awesome.
Also, another cool thing is that it has a very silent fan, and you only
need 2 wires, The power wire, and the Audio-Video wire, NO MORE
tangled wire problems. The Playstation 3 has tons of new and exclusive,
features, like Playstation Home. Also the New SIXAXIS Controller
makes the PS3 easier to play with. The Playstation 3 is the Next Generation in Gaming.



The Playstation 3 brand new controller, The Dualshock 3, or SIXAXIS. This new PlayStation creation helped bring a new image to the Playstation 3. First, it's lighter so it won't be a burden to people, Second, It's wireless, SO NO MORE TANGLED WIRES.
Also, it has removed some of the structure on the L2 and R2 buttons so they feel more like triggers. There are some other cool stuff.Well, now it has a 4-light player indicator like the Wii, only it's red. This Wireless controller dosen't run on batteries, it comes with a charger and can last for 30 hours, on a 15-minute charge, that's pretty cool. The new SIXAXIS Technology, allows you to use motion-power to play games, like the Wii, it's just not as dynamic. You can play using up to 7 Playstation controllers on 1 system via bluetooth, originally you can only use 4. The best thing is probably the new PS button in the center of the controller. You can Quit a game, turn off the system or controller, or check the controller settings. You can connect the new wireless keypad. it cost a lot, but the upside is, that the pad is part mouse, like on a computer. Other than those upgrades, it looks just like a PS2 controller.





The new Playstation Home feature, one of my favorite new things about Playstation 3. Playstation Home is the brand new virtual world inside the Playstation 3. You have to create an avatar of yourself to travel inside the world. It has almost everything you need to have the ultimate interactive experience. You could use the wireless keypad to have a much faster way to talk to people. The other option is that you could purchase a bluetooth wireless headset and talk to people, or if you don't have either of those equipment Playstation Home will provide comments and movements to express your virtual avatar, you could play pool, and even watch blu-ray movies. One of my favorite
features is that you can have friends, it's like a PS3 verison of a virtual facebook. You can design your own house too. The best thing is that if you have friends, and if they are playing games, You can go inside your friend's games and play with them. There are more details in a youtube video I found: Click Here



This is an exclusive feature that I am telling people of on this website despite that a lot pf people may already know about this feature. On a Playstation 3, if you somehow manage to use up all 80 GB or whatever amount of GB, you can replace that hardrive with a laptop hardrive or someother hardrive, to have up to 250GB!! OR MORE!!! That's pretty cool. It's not hard, all you need is your Playstation 3, a screwdriver, and a new hardrive. First, you remove the plate, uncovering the hardrive. Second, there will
be a blue screw, unscrew it, Third, there will be a little metal ring that you flip out, then pull out the hardrive. Then there will be a metal case holding the old hardrive there will be 4 screws on each end of the case, unscrew all of them then slide out the hardrive. Now just put in the new one, and rescrew everything, BUT if you lose even 1 screw, your PS3 might still work, but will have problems. Then slide it back in the PS3 and flip the ring back and rescrew the blue screw and cover it with the plate and you're done.You now have more GB than ever before. If this wasn't clear enough, there is a youtube video on it. Click Here