The Nintendo Wii, This is the one system that was not made to be a
MultiMedia Monster, it was made for everybody. This system is the
Newest gaming system that was made by Nintendo. This system
has a different approach. This has channels of stuff to do. They have a
channel to play games, a channel for weather and news. and the Shop
Channel and a Mii channel. Miis are your own personal avatar that you can
customizeand use in some Wii Games. The Wii Shop Channel is an
awesome thing you can buy new channels to use or old Nintendo games
from back in the day. From Nintendo, to the N64, even Sega and others
are available. You can buy a channel that let's you browse the Internet.
The Wii has new controllers, The Wii Remote and the Nunchuck. The Wii
Remote is the important part of the Wii, it has a control pad, and A button
a B button in the shape of a trigger, a speaker, a + and - button, and a 1
and 2 button. The nunchuk connects to the bottom of the remote.
It has an analog stick, a Z button, and a C button.




The Nintendo Wii, is a unique system, it's not like any other system because
it wasn't made to be a multimedia monster, it was made for everybody to use.
Also it has a main menu called the Wii Menu, it's pretty cool. It contains channels
of stuff to do, a News Channel, Weather Channel, a Disc Channel to play the Wii
and Gamecube games, a Mii channel to create an avatar thar you can use ingames. A Photo channel to edit and view pictures from your SD card or Wii Message Board. And a Wii Shop channel to buy and use more channels to have fun with. On the Wii Shop channel you can buy more channel to use. They have a huge selection of ancient games from the all of the old Nintendo systems, From Nintendo Enterainment System to the N 64. Also, they have games from other old systems like Sega Genesis and a bunch of other old systems that are not nintendo. You can also buy an Internet Channel, an Internet Browser built in to the System, that has an edge against the Xbox 360. Anyways, there are some channels that you can get exclusively through some special attachments. But remember, you can only access all of these things if you have an Internet Connection. You can do this and more if you go and buy a Wii.



AAAAAAHHHHHH, The best things about any gaming systems, is
the games. The games that the Wii provides, aren't for those hardcore shooter lovers, unless you count Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Manhunt 2, and No More Heroes. The games were meant for everyone. Also, the games require motion-funtion movements. Also the Wii's movement experience can be enhanced by using Wii, Accessories, like the Wii Wheel, Wiie Zapper, Wii Speak.etc. Without these accessories, The Nintendo Wii wouldn't even exist as a game system. Also, they are continuing some games, like Super Mario Galaxy, and Mariokart Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, etc.Also, there are very popular games like for some stupid reason, Wii PlayWii Fit, you get a sick accessories called the Wii Balance Board, and the game can actually help you lose weight. Another cool thing is that Nintendo is contiuning the Marioparty Franchise with Marioparty 8. Although, games like Gutiar Hero are the worse for Wii, because you need to attach the Wii remote, and because of the Sensor Bar, the buttons
lag all the time. Still overall, Wii games are insanely fun, espically exclusives.




The Nintendo Dsi, the most popular handheld system ever. It is the 3rd DS
created by Nintendo, Unlike the old DS lite, the GBA slot has been removed.
This new system has 2 cameras built into it.1 on the front and one inside it.
They input a new SD Card slot for music, and backup data. This thing also has its own hardrive. Some old things are still here, there's still a stylus, and a mic. and all the button have switched around. There's a new Dsi menu, with a camera setting, The coolest thing is that there's a brand new Dsi Shop. with DsiWare, its cool, they have a game where the camera is motion censored. It's awesome. Also Pictochat has a new rainbow pen. Also if you go to pictochat or DS Download Play, and go back, the system dosen't have to turn off. I love the fact that the power button is a home button, If you're playing a game or somewhere else, you can just press the power button to return to the Dsi Menu, and hold it to turn it off. Also, you can use the Internet Broswer that the Dsi provides.and it has built in Wi-Fi. The Nintendo Dsi has plenty of more features, but it's much easier to show you in this video. Click Below to find out why the Nintendo Dsi is the Next Generation in portable Gaming. Nintendo Dsi