Jazz is another style of dance that relies on improvisation and originality.  Jazz dancers use dramatic dance movements throughout their piece to express themselves.  Most jazz dancers have more than one style that they are incorporating into their dance. 

It is hard to give a single definition for jazz dancing because of the many different styles that can be a part of it and the many different emotions people are feeling.  It originated in the early 20th century in African American communities in the U.S. 



There are many different types of jazz such as, latin jazz, soul jazz, free jazz, and many more.  Although they all have different names, they can all be linked to each other by way of emotion and improvisation.  Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance in America today.

Similar to hip hop, jazz is not only a type of dance but also a type of music as well. Jazz combines the elements and rules of tap and show dancing but its origins are very different. Jazz came from India, Brasil, and Cuba. As you know, Jazz has a lot more than one style, which makes it different from other dances. It can be fast, slow, or even lyrical.