After about only two days in Uganda, our team got the marvelous chance to visit Eastern Christian's 'sister' school - St. Stephen's. After supporting this large primary school for 5 years, it was amazing to actually meet the very children we had been helping with food, water, uniforms, and money.  
    Building   Assembly    
The school consists of about 4 small concrete and aluminum buildings - used for up to 700 kids. The students are orphans or very poor children who live in a rural, agricultural village called Kalungi.
PE! Welcome
Here is a P.E. class of 1st graders. As is obvious, their 'gym uniform' is their underwear. As usual, we recieved the Ugandan welcome of singing and clapping (in very overcrowded classrooms).
Brush Water Source
The St. Stephen's community (Kalungi) is built on a hillside, among fields, forests, and swamps. Water is the main problem for Kalungi. The water source is located nearly 2 miles from anyone
    the Carry  
  Women and children must continually fetch water (up to 150 lbs a trip!) all day long. Eastern Christian is currently attempting to fund a solar-powered generator that could pump water up the hill to the community, relieving the people of one of their many burdens.