The vast majority of our time in Uganda was spent working at the St. Mary-Kevin's Orphanage in the outskirts of the capital city, Kampala. In this region of slums and shantytowns, St. Mary-Kevins provides refuge for a large number of children orphaned by war and AIDS, or abandoned by relatives.  
    Compound   Crowd    
The kids always loved having us come to work in the compound and play with them! They would swarm our vehicles, shouting "Mzungu!" (white person). The children were very obedient and orderly, always ready to stand at attention and recieve their instructions. Here is an assembly of kids waiting for a snack!
Ugandan Greetings! Dinner
We recieved a traditional Ugandan greeting from the orphans - two hours of song and dance. The music was so energetic! The children lived on two meals of beans and corn mush everyday - no more, and often less. We felt guilty eating our PB&J!
Work! Finish!
At the orphanage, we worked on painting offices and the mess room, as well as pouring concrete walkways. This is the finished product - after 2-3 days of spackling, cleaning, and painting.
The children's dormitories were squalid, dirty, and crowded. Each child had a small suitcase which contained all of his/her earthly possessions. We worked in the dorms to install mosquito screens on windows to protect the children from malaria.