After about eight days of work and ministry at St. Mary-Kevins Orphanage in Kampala, our group began the long-awaited "safari" north to war-ravaged regions of northern Uganda, near the town of Gulu. While in the North, we traveled through areas of extreme poverty and suffering, including an "Internally Displaced Persons" (IDP) camp known as "Adak."  
    kids   suspicious    
Most inhabitants of Adak were under 21 years of age, and all have experienced first-hand the horrors of a 20-year-long guerrilla war. The children of the North were very suspicious, hostile, and afraid - the psychological scars of rape, abuse, abduction, and horrific violence.
alone the Walk
Many of the camp dwellers suffered from preventable diseases, snakebite, and malnutrition. Here is a bloated child suffering from hunger. To get acquainted with the camp and its people, we went on a prayer walk through the compound, silently bringing the people's suffering to the Lord.
In the above picture, our group's vehicles are parked below a mango tree, and the Adak church is located on the left. The girl in pink is only one of hundreds of thousands of children who live a largely unguarded life in the North.
Sitting Around Having a Talk
The children in the camp suffer from an 'epidemic' of non-productivity - there is very little good labor in the North, and children are very inactive. Here I am having a talk with a young camp-dweller. Although northern Ugandans speak little English, we somehow managed to communicate.