After spending about two days in and around Gulu and the Adak IDP Camp, we travelled southwest through the bush of Nothern Uganda to Murchison Falls National Park, a huge piece of wild land along the Nile River, very close to the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We spent two days in the park, debriefing and resting, all while enjoying the beauty of the pristine African savannah.  
  elephant   uh-oh    
As we drove through the savannah on our way to the lodge, we saw many animals, including this large, slightly aggressive bull elephant! After settling in at the lodge, we went on a Nile River cruise, where we observed numerous elephants, crocs, hippos, antelope, and birds.
Along the river banks, we saw countless "river horses" lounging, feeding, and socializing among crocodiles in the bulrushes. The next day, we went on an overland safari, driving along dirt tracks through the wilderness, observing the plentiful game.
Giraffe Moon
We sighted many reticulated giraffes wandering through the bush, feeding on the thorny acacia plants. Many troops of baboons congregated on the plains, near the lodge, and in the forests - even near the roads.
Buffalo Stranded!
One of the most dangerous animals we encountered was the African Buffalo - huge, aggressive grassland dwellers. While on safari, our van broke down! We tried jump-starting it, towing it, and eventually we abandoned it (to be rescued later).