The chest is a beautiful thing. There are many ways to work it out, but bench pressing is most responsible for upper body bulk. You could do countless reps with a light weight or low reps with a monster weight. Either way, the bench press will not fail you. Make sure the bar comes parallel with your nipples and sqeeze your chest muscles for better results.



The back. Another amazing set of muscles. If you do it right, your back will have an infinite amount of cuts and look spectacular. There is also many variations of excercises for the back, but one popular is the lat pull. Take a V-handle, a barbell from the bench press, and a couple of 45's. Put the V-handle near the neck of the barbell and start tearing it up. Make sure you bring it up all the way and try to flex your back.




Shoulders. Another amazing part of your body. Those glorious, round, cannon-ball looking muscles on your torso harmonizes each muscle on your upper body. There are many different variations of excercises for the shoulder, but one excellent one is the cable raises. Simply lower one of the cable cross machiene arm, take a cable opposite of one of your arms, and raise it to your side. This will give you that beautiful, round cut above your biceps and you will have those beauties in no time.



Biceps. The unmistakeable beautiful muscle. There goes a saying, "There is no such thing as a too big of a bicep". That saying is widely accepted today as it was back then. Still, the oldest and most common of the bicep excercise is the curl. The curl is timeless and never fails. Do light weight to cut it up or put on that weight to watch it grow. Remember to keep your form and try to squeeze your bicep .



Triceps. The biceps best friend. When these two muscles stand out together, you look like a walking, sexy man. you feel like nothing can stop you. The tricep takes up 30 percent of your arm. So why not bulk it up and make it look good? Just like the bicep, the tricep also has an unmistakeable, timeless workout. The overhead tricep pull has been used since the beginning of this great sport and has not let any enthusiast down. Just pull up, keep your form, and squeeze your tricep. Work that 30 percent of your arm to get 100 percent sexy