Joe "Roids" DiGiorgio

Joe DiGiorgio. The epitomy of bodybuilding. When you hear the word "sexy" or "excellence", or even the word bodybuilding, you know Joe DiGiorgio is the first person to pop in your head. He devotes every day to the gym hitting those weights hard. His amazing devotion to the gym is what we should all strive for. As Joe says, "I reach for excellence and that is what i get."


Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler. The current holder of the Mr. Olympia title. Jay came a long way to earn this title and put his lifes devotion into bodybuilding. He grew up on a farm with a passion for bodybuilding, which meant he had complete access to a surplus of protein. With this convenience, he was on his way to become a star in the field of bodybuilding. That is exactly what he has become. He has become what he is because of his devotion to this glorious way of life.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Almighty Arnold. Known worldwide for his extrmeme devotion to bodybuilding and an idol to many bodybuilding enthusiasts. Arnold amazes us in every single way, even in the fields of acting and politics. Arnold won countless awards and competitions leaving his competitors in utter shame because of his outstanding physique. Arnold still remains an icon in the bodybuilding world and even has a competition named after him as the Arnold Classics. Many professionals are honored to take the Arnold award and wish that someday they may achieve the "Arnold Status".