Kestrel: The main character in the trilogy. Kestrel, known as Kess to those close to her, has an extremely strong personality that does not submit to repression of any kind. This often leads her to rash, instinctive action rather than first thinking things through. At the age of 10, Kestrel, along with her brother Bowman and her friend Mumpo, return the voice of the wind singer to their hometown of Aramanth in order to release the evil Morah's hold on the city. Five years later, when Aramanth is burned by the Mastery, Kestrel is separated from her people, but is reunited with them through the marriage of the Johdila Sirharasi of Gang to Marius Semeon Ortiz, adoptive son of the Master. After the fall of the Mastery, Kestrel accompanies the Manth people part of their way to the "homeland", but is taken by the Singer people as the child of the prophet Ira Manth to help them destroy the Morah. Kestrel "dies" in the process of this, but her spirit remains a part of Bowman's mind.

Kestrel shares a deep emotional bond with her twin brother Bowman which allows them to communicate telepathically.

BowmanBowman: Kestrel's twin brother. He is somewhat empathetic, and can 'read' hearts and minds. As a person, Bowman is much quieter, less outspoken and less rash than his sister. A phrase often used to describe the two is "He is the one who feels, and she is the one who does". Bowman assists Kestrel and Mumpo in the retrieval of the wind singer's voice. In the attempt to retrive it, he is overtaken by the Morah and becomes one of the Legion. His mental connection with his sister is the thing that saves him. He is taken as a slave to the Mastery and becomes a night guard to wait for his sister that was separated from him. While on his watch, a Singer named Dogface visits him with the cat Mist and tells him that he has great power being the descendant of Ira Manth. Bowman then begins training and when Gang attacks the Mastery, he uses that opportunity to face the Master. He defeats the Master using his Singer power and the power of the Morah that is in him form his journey for the Wind Singer. He then helps the Manth people to find their homeland. He also falls in love with the Johdila Sirharasi ("Sisi"), a princess of the land of Gang. Although he at first does not pursue their relationship, believing he had to die in order to defeat the Morah, it turns out that Kestrel must die instead of him. Bowman marries Sisi, becomes the ruler of Gang and has three children: Sirharani, Falcon and Ira.

MumpoMumpo: A dribbling and foul-smelling boy who is at the bottom of Kestrel's class. It is implied that he suffers from some form of learning disability. As the books progress, however, he matures and becomes surprisingly endearing. at the end of the wind singer Mumpo finds out that his father is Maslo Inch the high examiner. Kestrel hates him in the first book and is angered that he joins her quest, but learns to like him. In the second book he trains to be a Manaxa Warrior for the Mastery. This training makes him the Manth people's best warrior. He remains in love with Kestrel from the first time she spoke to him to her death, but he is eventually betrothed to her sister, Pinto.

IraIra Hath: The wife of Hanno Hath. Descended from the great prophet Ira Manth, Ira often enjoys using her 'prophetess voice'. She decides, after Kestrel and Bowman begin their quest and her husband is imprisoned, to actually act as a prophetess, wearing forbidden many-coloured clothing and standing at the foot of the wind singer to preach to the people. Throughout the second and third books, her powers of prophecy grow as her strength wanes. She eventually leads the Manth people to their promised land, but dies just before she herself reaches it.

HannoHanno Hath: Kestrel, Bowman and Pinto's father. He works as a librarian, and although intelligent, performs poorly in Aramanth's High Examinations due to his quiet rebellion against the system. When he is taken away to a Residential Study Course, which is described as "more like prison", he stirs himself and the other members up in rebellion. Members of this group, including Miko Mimilith and especially Scooch, become more trusting of Hanno through this. During the time the Manth people are slaves, Hanno becomes the Mastery's librarian and finds a lost account of the history of the Manth people. Hanno becomes the leader of the Manth people after they escape from the Mastery and successfully leads them to the Manth homeland.

PintoPinto (aka Pinpin): Kestrel and Bowman's younger sister. She takes her first test at the age of two at the beginning of the story and fails the test for peeing on the man testing her. As she grows older she becomes infatuated with Mumpo, to the point of hating her sister, through jealousy of Mumpo's adoration of her. At one point a bug goes around in Firesong that causes people to go crazy in anger from their inmost being. Pinto attacks her sister in the rage caused by the bug. After Bowman takes it our she is crushed that she actually was hating her sister because of her love for Mumpo. She shares Kestrel's fiery determination, and it is later discovered that she shares at least some of her family's psychic powers as well. The epilogue of the final book tells of her eventual betrothal to Mumpo.

SisiSisiharasi (aka Sisi): Featuring only in books 2 and 3, she is a beautiful but spoiled and childish princess, who has an arranged marriage to Ortiz, heir of the Master. After falling in love with Bowman, she rebels and refuses to marry, which throws the whole country of the Mastery into chaos. After being disfigured by Zohan for refusing to marry him she changes and matures greatly, shedding her royal status and joining the Manth people on their voyage. She marries Bowman and has several children by him.


Alabard (aka The Master): a rebellious Singer. He believes the Singers are all fools that have been gifted but waste their gifts trying to save a fallen world. He becomes the Master and creates an enormous empire. He conquors the Manth people and makes them his slaves. He is very scholarlty and uses his philosophy and powers to manipulate his people, especially his adopted son Marius Semeon Ortiz. He is the strongest of the Singers but is defeated by Bowman in the 2nd book. His life is restored by Jumper in Firesong and he is instructed by Dogface and the other Singers to teach Bowman how to use his powers. He also teaches Kestrel because she tags along with Bowman. His life ends at the end of the story when he joins his fellow Singers in the Firesong in turn desrtoying the Morah.