You can make your own masterpieces to remember your own expereiences. All you need is a computer with the paint program on it.

Step 1:You need an expereience you want to redraw. So get the experience into your mind. Think of a moment in this experince that sums up everything that happened. This would become what your picture is.

Step 2: Start planning out what you are going to do. Figure out what needs to go in front of or behind something else. For example: In the a picture I needed to figure out what part of the net would go in front of her, and what part of the net would go behind her. In the paint program, you can't fix they layers after you make them. So make sure you plan out everything carefully.

Step 3: Start drawing. Take your plans and put them into action. Just imagine everything how you want it and put it into your pictures. The paint program isn't hard to use. Once you start drawing you will become familiar with the paint program, this will make drawing future pictures easier.

Step 4: Once you finish drawing the basic picture and you like what you see, start adding little details. This will make your picture more "real" and little more amusing. It's the little things that count.

Step 5: Save and share. Don't forget to save your picture, then share it with others who are involved in this experience.

  progress of a masterpiece