Masterpieces are pictures that are create to remember any experiences you would like to remember, but there weren't any cameras around. This started one day, sitting at a computer when I was very bored. I opened up the paint program and start drawing a stick figure throwing shot put. The first picture on top, was the picture/"Masterpiece" I created while I was bored sitting at the computer. After I saw what I had done, I was very amused by it, and liked what I saw. And thus, the masterpieces were born. My first picture wasn't necessarily a certain experience, but it was a start to something that became all about expereinces. I knew I didn't have any artistic ability, but working with the paint program, I was able to commuicate what I was trying to say with the pictures, and others seemed to enjoy them. I continue to make these Masterpieces. I usually make them of fun things that happen while I am at track practice. Of course that is where some of the funniest things happen. I also include some others that don't involve track, but I as continue through my life and have these funny and great experiences, I continue to make masterpieces to remember them by.   Early Masterpieces