Main Characters Film

Isabella Swan- Though she knows she is in love with Edward, Bella is having trouble letting go of her best friend, Jacob Black. She loves him, too, in a way, but it’s difficult to forget about him when he was the one to mend her together when Edward left.

Edward Cullen- Edward is extremely jealous throughout this book, and a little over protective, too as Bella wishes to spend time with werewolf Jacob Black. Edward knows he has to accept the consequences of his leaving, but isn’t too happy about it.

Jacob Black- Jacob knows Bella loves Edward, but won’t give up that easily.  He fights for her, refusing to let them just be friends, causing extra tension between the vampires and werewolves-not that they need any more.  They are already forced to work together when someone unpleasant returns with more than they can handle alone.

Victoria- Even though she had been thwarted in her attempts to kill Bella in New Moon, Eclipse brings us a Victoria more vicious than ever.  She doesn’t try to take on the vampires and werewolves together.  Instead she builds her own small army of one of the most dangerous creatures on earth-Newborns.


This novel has not yet been created in movie form, but is planned to be made by 2010.

“You and Billy gossip like old women.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.14

“I wrenched the door out of my way — ridiculously eager — and there he was, my personal miracle.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.17

“Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? Any concept at all of how much I love you?”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.34

“Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 2, p.58

“Shut your window if you want me to stay away tonight. I’ll understand.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 2, p.64

“He’s very intense about you… and very careful. I feel like I don’t really understand your relationship. Like there’s some secret I’m missing…”
Renée Dwyer, Eclipse, Chapter 3, p.67

“It’s nothing, Bella. Jacob just has a good memory, that’s all.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 3, p.82

“I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart — I’ve left it with you.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 4, p.95

“Jacob had become a part of me, and there was no changing that now.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 4, p.112

“Am I the only one who has to get old? I get older every stinking day! Damn it! What kind of world is this? Where’s the justice?”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 5, p.119

“Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.”
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 5, p.119

“Edward’s never in my head. He only wishes.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 5, p.126

“Er… so, I’m still alive.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 6, p.140

“You are in trouble. Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 6, p.149

“Edward has always been a little strange.”
Rosalie Hale, Eclipse, Chapter 7, p.165

“Not bad for a prison break, eh?”
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 7, p.170
“You’d be better off dead. I rather you were.”
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.183

“I’m going to spontaneously combust one of these days — and you’ll have no one but yourself to blame.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.188

“Let me be in charge of responsibility for a few minutes… or hours.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.192

“You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.195

“He sang me to sleep again and — aware even in unconsciousness that he was there — I slept free of nightmares.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 9, p.208

“Does my being half-naked bother you?”
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 10, p.216

“You look… sexy.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 10, p.235 You look… sexy.

“And you ducked your head, like a good Southern gentleman, and said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’”
Alice Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 13, p.301

“Until your heart stops beating, Bella. I’ll be here — fighting. Don’t forget that you have options.”
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.330

“That was not kissing back, that was trying to get you the hell off of me, you idiot.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.334

“I’m not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.340

“Fall down again, Bella?”
Emmett Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.342

“I didn’t have the faintest idea how to be seductive. I would just have to settle for flushed and self-conscious.”
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.442

“Bella. Would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.450

“Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever. Will you marry me?”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.460

“You don’t have the faintest idea how much I wish I could do what you’re doing for her, mongrel.”
”At least you know she wishes it was you.”
Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 22, p.492

“Odd as this might sound, I suppose I’m glad you’re here, Jacob.”
”You mean, ‘as much as I’d love to kill you, I’m glad she’s warm,’ right?”
Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 22, p.497

“Don’t tempt me too far, wolf. My patience isn’t that perfect.”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 22, p.504
“Are you… Aren’t you afraid of me?”
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 25, p.557

“Overprotective fool.”
Alice Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 25, p.569

“This is making me sick, Jacob. Can you imagine what this feels like to me? I don’t even like Bella Swan. And you’ve got me grieving over this leech-lover like I’m in love with her, too. Can you see where that might be a little confusing? I dreamed about kissing her last night! What the hell am I supposed to do with that?”
Leah Clearwater, Eclipse, Epilogue, p.622