This is a list just some of the main characters that can be found in the show Gumby

Gumby - Pokey - Blockheads - Nopey - Prickle - Goo

- Gumby- Gumby is the main character of this show. He is a green clay Humanoid, and he was animated by using stop motion clay animation.


- Pokey- Pokey is Gumby's sidekick in the show. He appeared in most of the episodes. Pokey had a timid personality, and first appeared on the show in the episode "The Little Lost Pony".


-The Blockheads- The Blockheads were Gumby's arc-enemies. These characters were silent and wrecked havoc whenever they could. Their heads were marked with the letter G or J.


- Nopey- Nopey was Gumby's dog. Nopey responded to everything with the word nope.


- Prickle- Prickle is a yellow dragon or dinosour. He says that he is a detective and he has a pipe and hat with the likeness of Sherlock Holmes. When he has the hat and pipe he tries to find and follow clues, and often produces a magnifying glass to look at footprints.


- Goo- Goo is identified as being a flying Mermaid. Instead of walking Goo slides, and when she slides there is the sound of a tinkling chime. She can also change her appearance at will. Goo first appeared in the episode Santa Witch.