Nadal   Rafael Nadal is a Spanish player who turned professional in 2001. He is currently ranked as the number one player in the world. He has earned six Grand Slam titles, four of them in the French Open. He also won the Olympic gold medal in Singles. Nadal won 81 matches in a row on clay courts which makes him the owner of the longest single-surface winning streak. Some tennis critics regard him as the best clay player of all time. For 160 weeks, Nadal was the second player in the world, while the first was Federer. Nadal took Federer's spot when he beat him in thirteen out of their last twenty appearances.  
Roger Federer is a Swiss player sho turned professional in 1998. He is currently ranked as the number two player in the world. He has earned fourteen Grand Slam titles, five of them in the US Open. He was the number one player, though, for 237 consecutive weeks. Federer has been called by some the greatest male tennis player. Federer is only the sixth player to achieve a career Grand Slam, which is the title given to a player who wins all of the tournaments at least once. Federer was named Laureus Sportsman of the Year for four consecutive years. Federer also ties the record for fourteen Grand Slam titles.
Roddick     Andy Roddick is an American player who turned professional in 2000. He is currently ranked the number six player in the world and the number one American player. Roddick only won one Grand Slam title, 2003 US Open, but he reached three others. In all three, he lost to Roger Federer. He currently holds the record for the fastest served ever clocked at155 mph. At one point during his career he was the number one player in the world, which was in 2003. Roddick was also on the United States Davic Cup Team which won the 2007 Davis Cup. Roddick defeated Dmitry Tursunov in the final.