System of a Down
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  Serj Tankian  
was born in Beruit, Lebanon on August 21, 1967. He immigrated to Los Angeles in 1975. He started working for a software company. He later met Daron Malakian in 1992 when their bands shared the same recording studio. They formed a jam band called "Soil." Later that year, they met Shavo Odadjian, their future SOAD bassist. Malakian later asked his friend Andy Khachaturian to join as a drummer, but he was later replaced the the current drummer John Dolmayan, due to a hand injury. Serj left to go solo and made his solo album “Elect the Dead.” He was named the 26th greatest metal vocalist of all time by Hit Parader magazine.
    Serj Tankian Serj Tankian
was born in Los Angeles, California on July 18, 1975. He was most recently the lead guitarist and singer of the rock band "Scars on Broadway." He is the only member of "SOAD" to be born in America. He, along with all of the other members of SOAD, is of Serbian descent. In 2004, Daron Malakian placed 30th in Guitar World's list of The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time. He now lives in Glendale, California. He first played guitar when he was 12 years old. He started songwriting and became known as the guitarist in his school. The name for System of a Down came from a poem that Malakian wrote called "Victims of a Down."
  Daron Malakian  
Daron Malakian
  Shavo Odadjian  
was born on April 22, 1974 in Yerevan, Armenia. He grew up listening to punk rock and heavy metal. He credited bands such as Dead Kennedys, KISS, Slayer, The Beatles, and Black Sabbath for his musical inspiration. He moved to Los Angeles at a young age and attended an Armenian school with his future bandmates Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian, though they did not know each other at the time. Shavo began managing the band "Soil," which Daron and Serj were a part of. In 1995, he became a member of the band as their permanent bassist and they changed their name to "System of a Down" after Daron Malakian's poem, "Victims of a Down." Shavo played guitar and bass for SOAD and also sang backing vocals. He is credited for writing "Toxicity", "Sugar", "Jet-Pilot", "Bounce", and others.
Shavo Odadjian Shavo Odadjian
was born on July 15, 1973 in Beruit, Lebanon, the same birthplace as fellow bandmember Serj Tankian. He first became interested in drums at the age of only 2. He kept asking for a drum kit until he finally got one at the age of 15. He replaced Andy Khachaturian as the drummer for SOAD after Andy had an injury to the hand. John Dolmayan has recorded all of SOAD's albums and his drumming style has influenced more and more people to start drumming. In 2006, Domayan won "DRUM!" Magazine's Drummer of the Year. He was later featured in the September issue of "DRUM!" Magazine. He currently is the drummer of "Scars on Broadway", the band started by former SOAD bandmember, Daron Malakian.
John Dolmayan
John Dolmayan John Dolmayan