All World Cup teams come together for a weekend of hardwork and fun!



One of World Cup's main coaches, Tiy Fountain, showing his humour.

camp staff

Here are some of World Cup coaches along with Top Gun camp staff.





World Cup began in 1994, as a gym for competitive cheerleading to take place. Elaine Pascale created World Cup to provide a place for cheerleaders who wanted to compete. She owns the gym with her daughter Joelle Antico. There are 2 gyms and 23 teams with over 35 coaches. The teams vary from levels 2-5 and all ages, so anyone and everyone can fit in somewhere.



In 2008, American Cheerleader Magazine has ranked World Cup

2nd "Top All Star Program" in the country.

Elaine & Joelle

Our gym is a family- a large one."

--Joelle Antico



World Cup All-stars is more then just a Cheerleading gym. World Cup

gives a safe environment with a family-like atmosphere. They teach

thier athletes to have stronge values and hard work ethics. Every

child in the gym is treated like an individual. The coaches may be

strict but they coach with more love than you could imagine. They

not only want to make themselves look good, but they want their

girls and boys to look great and win! World Cup has worked its way

to the top with a great reputation for not only winning but having

a great sportsmanship. They have received a lot of publicity, and

have been in various media. They were featured in a 2004 and 2005

performance at the Career Transition for Dancers gale, performing

alongside Patti Labelle, Lisa Minnelli, and more. They have also

been featured in Time Magazine, the New York Times, American

Cheerleader Magazine, All-star Cheer Magazine, Inside Cheerleading

Magazine, and Cheer Coach & Advisor. World Cup is a very well

respected organization that is still running strong.



(*Note: These are not all of the teams in World Cup, there are actually 2 gyms with 23 teams)