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  Druids are versatile hybrids. They perform different roles using appropriate shape-shifting forms. They can have high armor and rage like a warrior in Bear Form, stealth and fight in melee like a rogue in Cat Form, or heal and nuke with spells in humanoid form. Through talents, they can enhance one or more of these roles and even gain a new form for healing (Tree Form) or nuking (Moonkin Form). Their talent trees are Balance, for nuking, Feral, for melee damage and tanking capabilities, and lastly, Restoration, for healing. With roughly equivalent gear, talents appropriate to the role, and in the hands of a skilled player, they can be just as effective as one of the classes dedicated to each role. They also bring certain additional utility, such as battle resurrection with Rebirth, and emergency or additional healing or tanking, should one of the people filling the primary role die, go offline, or otherwise be unable to fully manage with their role. Certain key differences do still exist, giving them both advantages and disadvantages in any given role.    
Druid Builds
  • Balance druids specialize in their assortment of damage spells and special abilities including an additional Moonkin Form, turning them into an efficient ranged spellcaster that is somewhere between a mage and a shadow priest in play style in the equivalent of plate armor. They lack true AoE capabilities like a mage, but they are capable of AoE damage in certain situitions. They excel at nuking single targets as well as providing effective off-healing and crowd control support for their group or raid. The Burning Crusade brought the balance tree enough power to make a properly geared balance druid decent competition with the pure caster classes for top DPS position. The Wrath of the Lich King expansion has given them new AoE spells and a significantly reworked talent tree, they are now on par with any of the other casting classes.
  • The feral tree enhances both of the druid's melee forms, allowing them to tank and melee DPS more efficiently. The Talents in this tree usually enhance both forms, however some talents separate the two roles and gear also makes a difference. Feral druids are effectively a warrior and a rogue with the ability to heal themselves to boot. Lack of downtime between fights and flexibility in their armor and DPS are their strong points. Since they still have all of the core druid abilities and use very little mana, they make excellent support casters as well, even if they have chosen the path of melee DPS.
  • Restoration druids take points in improving their assortment of healing spells and also in special abilities including an additional Tree of Life Form. Their resurrection spell Rebirth is the only resurrection spell that can be cast in combat, offset by its 10-minute cooldown [Reduced from 20-minutes in patch 3.3.0]. With Patch 3.0.2, druids get the "regular" resurrection spell Revive, now making them viable main healers for 5-man instances. Restoration druids have by far the best heal-over-time spells of all healing classes, effectively allowing them to continue healing while incapacitated. In addition, the mobility offered by their heal-over-time spells makes them especially effective in PvP. This together with their excellent mana efficiency and in-combat resurrection ability makes them an effective healing class.
        Druids Form                
Humanoid Form Humanoid Form Level 1 Hybrid. Can heal, nuke, and do CC. Has one of the best buffs in the game. Also known as "caster form."      
Bear Form Bear Form Level 10 Can tank or off tank the way a Warrior does. Increase in Armor designed to make leather emulate Mail armor.      
Aquatic Form Aquatic Form Level 16 Increases swim speed by 50% and allows underwater breathing. Has the appearance of a sea lion or seal. May only be used while swimming.      
Travel Form Travel Form Level 16 Gives a 40% run speed increase. Looks like a cheetah. May only be used outdoors.      
Cat Form Cat Form Level 20 Can do Melee DPS and has a stealth mode similar to Rogue class. The Night Elf version has the appearance of a lynx, and the Tauren version has the appearance of a lion.      
Dire Bear Form Level 40 An improved version of Bear Form that looks the same as the standard Bear Form, but has greatly increased bonuses to armor and hit points, emulating Plate armor.
Dire Bear Form
Moonkin Form Moonkin Form 31 points in balance talents A spellcasting form that gives nearby party members an additional 5% critical chance to spells cast. While in Moonkin form, a druid is restricted to only casting balance spells with the exception of Remove Curse and Abolish Poison.      
Tree of Life Form 41 points in restoration talents This form transforms the druid into a Tree of Life. Healing to party and raid members within 45 yards of the druid receives a bonus of 6%, and only Swiftmend, Innervate, Nature's Swiftness, Rebirth, Revive, Abolish Poison, Remove Curse and healing spells can be cast. The mana cost of these spells is reduced by 20% (with or without being transformed).      
Flight Form Level 60 This form transforms the druid into a flight form increasing movement speed by 150% (equal to regular flying mounts). The regular riding enhancements do not affect speed, but the Charm of Swift Flight (obtained part way through the swift flight chain) previously did, although it is now essentially useless. Cannot be used in combat. Can only be used in Outland or Northrend (with Cold Weather Flying at level 77). Gives the appearance of a Storm crow.      
Swift Flight Form Level 70 Swift flight form, increasing movement speed by 280% (equal to epic flying mounts). Riding enhancements do not affect speed, but during the quest line, a Charm of Swift Flight is acquired, which was equivalent to a Riding Crop, but is now essentially useless. Cannot be used in combat. Can only be used in Outland or Northrend (with Cold Weather Flying at level 77). Obtained through a quest chain at level 70, or trainable at level 71. Requires a riding skill of 300.