Peter Petrelli - Played by: Milo Ventimiglia

Kind-hearted Peter Petrelli is just trying to survive despite being in love with a woman who is in a relationship, having an overbearing older brother, and not getting support from his family for his chosen career path as a male nurse.

When Peter starts having dreams that he can fly, he does his best to coax his brother Nathan Petrelli that he is special. After a failed attempt, Peter realizes he has a different mission: Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

As Peter embarks on this journey, he learns that his powers extend far beyond flying and he may be the key to saving not just the world, but to saving all the heroes from the murderer Sylar.

Peter Petrelli    


Nathan Petrelli - Played by: Adrian Pasdar

A reluctant hero, Nathan Petrelli seems to put his political career ahead of all else. But we know better.

This congressman from New York possesses the ability to fly, but had to be coaxed into accepting it by his brother Peter, portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia.

Nathan's complicated family life includes a wife named Heidi, who is stuck in a wheelchair as a result of a car accident he was behind the wheel for.

Nathan is a former naval officer and lawyer. He had planned on making a case against mobster Austin Linderman and his very own father before the latter died of a heart attack.


Nathan Petrelli  


Angela Petrelli - Played by: Cristine Rose

Angela Petrelli is the mother of Peter and Nathan on Heroes. She has a connection to the past generation of Heroes.

Angela Petrelli


Hiro Nakamura - Played by: Masi Oka

Hiro Nakamura is the most light-hearted character on an otherwise serious show. But that doesn't mean his ability to teleport and manipulate the space-time continuum isn't crucial to the storyline.

An ordinary cubicle worker in Japan, Hiro discovered his skill on a small scale at first, setting back the time on his company clock by a couple of seconds.


  Hiro Nakamura  


Ando Masahashi - Played by: James Kyson Lee

Ando Masahashi was a co-worker of Hiro's when the show began. He was initially skeptical of his friend's powers.

Soon enough, though, Ando was made into a believer. He became Hiro's trusted sidekick and was also one of the few characters on Heroes without any special abilities

Ando Masahashi      


Matt Parkman - Played by: Greg Grunberg

Officer Matt Parkman discovers his power when he stumbles upon a crime scene with the detective unit. While the FBI agents look for a young girl in which a vicious murder was committed, Parkman just keeps hearing, "don't hurt me." He follows the voice to a cabinet under the stairs, and the child is found and brought to safety.

Because of this ability, Parkman is put on a case to help find Sylar, a serial killer who has defied detectives with his lack of clues and motive. Although Parkman is happy to finally get some respect from his department, he still struggles with his newfound ability, and more importantly, with his marriage.

As Parkman works to restore his wife's faith in him, he finds out that she has cheated on him with his partner, and that she is expecting a baby.


      Matt Parkman        


Mohinder Suresh - Played by: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Geneticist Mohinder Suresh has always felt a bit unloved by his father, a professor who was always more engaged in his research than in his relationship with his son. But when Mohinder's father is murdered in far away New York City, Mohinder decides to travel there from India to solve the murder mystery and finish his father's research.

In New York City, Mohinder realizes that there are many people and perhaps a secret government agency after his father's research, which details the names of anyone who may have special abilities. Mohinder also learns that he had a sister who died when she was young. He doesn't remember her, but questions whether she had special powers and whether she is the reason his father began the research project.

When Mohinder decides to try to help the genetically improved species and warn them about Sylar a watchmaker who kills people with abilities and takes their powers, he becomes involved with the very person who may hurt him most.

Mohinder Suresh


Noah Bennet - Played by: Jack Coleman

While seemingly evil when we first met the step-father of Claire, it became apparent that Mr. Bennet was torn between his commitment to the organization out to uncover all the heroes... and his love for his daughter.

Given Clarie by Hiro's mysterious father - as an assignment to raise until/if she developed any strengths - Mr. Bennet grew to actually love his step child. But demands of his secret job took a dangerous toll on his family.

As Mr. Bennet was ordered to track down those with super powers, he tried to hide his special daughter. Eventually, forces collided and he was forced to give her away for safe keeping to his associate from Haiti.


    Noah Bennet      


Claire Bennet - Played By: Hayden Panettiere

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

As other characters were uttering this line to begin the first half of the series, they were referring to Claire Bennett.

A confused 16-year old, Claire is indestructible. She has her friend, Zack, video record her catching on fire and jumping off high structures in order to document her incredible healing power.

But where does it come from? She's the adopted child of the mysterious Noah Bennet and his wife, she was given to Mr. Bennet by the father of Hiro Nakamura after she was supposedly killed in a fire.

Mr. Bennet holds on to her for safe keeping until she develops her powers and he's forced to help keep her away from his devious employers.

      Claire Bennet        


Niki/Jessica Sanders - Played By: Ali Larter

Niki Sanders is just trying to keep life normal for her son Micah, even though Micah's father, D.L., is wanted by police for having recently escaped jail.

To make money to pay for Micah's private school tuition, Niki borrows money from the shady Linderman, and then strips online to try to make enough cash to pay him back. When Linderman's men come to collect, Niki blacks out and when she wakes up, the men are dead.

Soon, Niki meets Jessica, her alter ego who comes out when Niki looks into a mirror or anything with a reflection. As D.L. comes back into the picture, and Micah discovers powers of his own, Niki and Jessica begin a battle that takes them through more killings, to jail, and on the run from Linderman.


  Niki/Jessica Sanders


D.L. Hawkins - Played By: Leonard Roberts

D.L. Hawkins (played by Leonard Roberts, is the husband of Niki and father of Micah. When he wasn't able to support his family working as a construction worker, D.L. began consorting with a group of men who wore skull rings and wanted to steal $2 Million from a man named Linderman. D.L left the group before the theft took place but was framed by an unknown person, whom he later found out was his wife's alter ego, Jessica.Throughout the ordeal, D.L, recognized his heroic ability to walk through walls - a power which he used to escape from jail. Throughout season one, D.L. deals with raising his son (who also has special powers), working things out with his wife and her multiple personality disorder, and trying to escape Linderman and the power he holds over the family.

        D.L. Hawkins        


Micah Sanders - Played By: Noah Gray-Cabey

Micah Sanders is the son of Niki Sanders and D.L. Hawkins, and feels caught between his parents relationship issues. Micah is also the only one who seems to understand his mother's multiple personality disorder and realizes even before his father does that his mom needs help.

Harboring his own secrets powers, Micah helps the family when his mother is in jail by stealing money from ATM machines with a touch of his hand.



Micah Sanders



Isaac Mendez - Played By: Santiago Cabrera

Need a picture painted of the future? Isaac Mendez is your man. This artist is a recovering heroin addict who discovered a certain power while high: he could literally paint upcoming events. It's a skill that bonded him with Peter Petrelli, but their mutual love of Simone Deveaux tore these two heroes apart. Eventually, Isaac hones his artistic powers and can paint specific people and places when he focuses hard enough. This precognitive skill helps guide the heroes to make the world a safer place.

Isaac Mendez