Mike Shinoda was raised in the Los Angeles. His first exposure to the music business came during his middle and high school years, when he went to a concert featuring Anthrax and Public Enemy. He began taking piano lessons, studying classical pianist techniques, and later moved on to jazz and hip hop. It was during this period that he added the guitar and, eventually, rap-style vocals. He started to record songs in a makeshift studio set up in his bedroom. He and his friends formed the band Xero. After high school, Shinoda enrolled in the Art Center College of Design to study graphic design and illustration. With his background as a graphic artist, Shinoda designed all of Linkin Park's artwork with Hahn, and has even designed the album cover for Styles of Beyond's debut album, 2000 Fold. He had his debut art showcase at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles in the time leading up to Linkin Park's album Minutes to Midnight.