My name is Rebecca Kim, and I am currently a sophmore at Eastern Christian Highschool. Following my father's foot steps, I started getting into photography when I was in eighth grade. I'm not too experienced in photography; I'm just a beginner. I use a shoot&snap camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX8P, but I recently bought a DSLR camera, an Olympus EVOLT E-500. When I become more experienced with my DSLR camera, I am going to buy a Canon or a Nikon. So far, I don't have much experience with my new DSLR camera. As for now, all the photos you will see on this website are from my Panasonic shoot&snap camera.

I love to take photos of nature and candid shots of people, especially of kids. I feel that kids are the best models; they are so innocent, and in every angle, they still look innocent and cute.

Catalina Island, Califronia 2006
Email: becca_kim "at"