Conspiracy.gov is a site dedicated to exposing the government's lies. If you are visiting this site I must warn you that you are at risk. Government propaganda has become an overwhelming deluge meant to flood the public's mind with falseties to control the world. You may be thinking "that is all one big lie" well you, my poor naive friend have already fallen victim to the government's schemes. You are in "the man's" pocket. This site is help you get out of his pocket, to shed some light on these dark days. My friend please heed these warnings, or your eyes will forever be sewn shut with the needle and thread in the hands of "the man". I have put my life on the line to expose this information. Please don't let my sacrafice be in vain.

I have a list of the biggest conspiracies in American history, but trust me there are more then you will ever know. The only way to combat this garbage we are fed by the government is to demand the truth. The governement needs to come clean and regain our trust, and the only way to do this is to tell them how they feel. If you want to join me in the quest for the truth email me at danorainville at hotmail.com.