Now that you are more aquainted with the sport/art of EXS it is important that you, the participant, know why you practice EXS. The overall goal of Extreme Sitting is to bring people together. In today's society people are sprinting their lives away. Extreme Sitting is designed to physically, mentally, and spiritually sit the self down.

Many skeptics may believe that EXS leads to one of the deadly sins: sloth, but they are deathly mistaken. Any person who says or believes in his heart that EXS is just "sitting around" it would be for the best if they were erased. EXS is far from "sitting around," infact EXS is the exact opposite.

Through sitting, the heart, soul, and mind are free to go elsewhere. EXS has the power to release your kundalini or contain your thoughts. Extreme Sitting gives the practioner the revitalization needed to proceed with one's daily routines.

Whether you are the best EXS participant in the world or the worst, that is irrelevant. All that matters when it comes to EXS is your intent.