You may or may not know what Extreme Sitting is. You may or may not intentionally be at this site, but whatever the case, your life will be changed. Perhaps you've been feeling a gap in the very pits of your heart that you can't fill with any amount of money or various other expensive commodities. Perhaps you've climbed Mt. Everest and upon reaching the summit felt only a fabricated excitement and sense of danger. Whatever your gap be, you have stumbled upon your filler.

Extreme Sitting is a sport and an art at the exact same time. However if you like football and baseball and are comparing Extreme Sitting to them, then get the hell off this site because you're stupid. Unlike every other sport, Extreme Sitting is a soul sport. EXS is not designed to work up a sweat, but rather soothe the soul, although you will most certainly work up a sweat because of the intense mental concentration needed.

Notice my heightened sense of awareness.